The cannabis industry legalization was boomming in past few years in USA & Canada, which result in more and more cannabis producer or packaging contractors are looking for high efficient packaging solutions to automate the cannabis packaging processes with higher output to meet the market demand.

In the meantime,there are too many cannabis packaging machine suppliers coming in the market as well,Thus it is very important that the cannabis producer or packaging contractor should have enough acknowledge to find out the best fit packaging solution to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy. Otherwise that will ruin your business chances rather than growing your business

leagalized country for cannabis

Cannabis types

Cannabis edibles like gummies, candies and snacks

Cannabis pre-rolls

Raw cannabis flowers and leaves

Cannabis powders

What are the benefits using automatic packaging solution for your cannabis

1.Improve the production capacity

Packway cannabis packaging machine is fast and efficient, our automatic systems packaging at speeds of 50 to 60 units per minute. This will help you easily to fullfill the package orders on time.

2.Reduce labor cost

with the automatic cannabis packaging solutions, basically you only need to use one or two workers can handle the daily packaging process, compared to manual packaging process, it is at least 5 times faster,obviously that will save you big money

3.Reduce product waste

in most of the cannabis packaging solution system, multihead weigher will be used as the filling machine, due to its fast and accurate weighing process. the weighing accuracy can upto 0.2gram. That is totally unbeatable by using manual packaging. You can just image how much product waste was saved, and they are generating more profit for your business.


As using the automatic cannabis packaging machine, the whole process will not have much manual intervention, and all the contact parts of the machines are built with food grade 304ss , thus it is very hygiene.

5.Nicely package

Premade pouch,Jar,Can are the common package style for cannabis,And customer are able to use the attractive design and finally present the nicely package to their retailers. That is the difference and strength to win more market share in cannabis package industry.

6.Branding and marketing

Similar as mentioned in last point, with the nicely design package,customer products can have more opportunity to get retailer attention, and make the brand to impressive them.

How Packway will make your business grow

Packway Machine is the leading supplier for cannabis/marijuana automatic packaging solutions. We are helping our customer to pack their products with our accurately weighing,filling and packaging machine. Packway Machine can maximize production capacity meanwhile decrease human error to prevent product waste. Packway provide various cannabis packaging solutions to fit different production capacity and budget requirement .

And in this article Packway will focus on introducing the cannabis flower packaging solution ,in 3 types regular packaging solutions

1.Rotary premade pouch cannabis packaging system

premade pouch cannabis

The premade pouch machine is a super packaging solution for cannabis producer and packaging contractor.Such packaging machine can suit various of bag sizes or products because it is quite easy to adjust it to accommodate different style and size of premade pouches.

The rotary premade pouch packaging machine is able to pack cannabis into all kind of premade pouch at high speed. The upstream filling machine will be 14 head weigher with different volume hopper depend on how many gram package customer is going to pack.,It is the ideal high speed packaging solution for cannabis/ marijuana packaging.

The premade pouch packing machines is very simple to use and changeover is easily done in short time. Customers actually no need to hire advanced technician or operator.

2.Mini doypack cannabis packaging system

doypack cannabis

The Mini doypack cannabis packaging system is the simple alternative packaging solution for premade pouch package.It is compact,simple to operate and more economical solution,the downstream filling machine can be multihead weigher or linear weigher depending on the cannabis nature and package volume.

3. Jar/bottle cannabis filling capping machine

cannabis flower jar filling

Jar/bottle filling capping machine are the efficient solution to automate your Jar/bottle/ container filling and capping process for customers’s wide range of cannabis flower

Such filling capping machine systems are engineered to fill the specific types of Jar/botton /container with cannabis flower at good speed.The filling machine can be multihead weigher or linear weigher comes with different configurations depend on project demands.

The cannabis filling and packaging machine are simple design and easy for thorough cleaning.Easy to use and enable quick product changeovers.

What you need to know before buying cannabis packaging machine

Before starting the purchase for cannabis packaging machine and solution, it is very important to clearly figure out below questions.

1. Need to Meet Regulations

Differ from country or region, read carefully about the government regulations about the cannabis package,in most of the region you may need a track-and-trace label on your packages. And if in such case, you have to consider adding a customized labeling labeling machine as well

2. What is your package style

As mentioned in above given cannabis packaging solutions. You should have a clear idea firstly about the package style, The premade pouch and Jar/bottle are the most popular for sure.

3.What is the package sizes

That is matter how to decide the optimal configurations to your cannabis packaging machine combined efficience and budget.Also the possibility for changeover parts to handle meet all your package sizes.

4. What is you packaging capacity

Calculate your regular package order to be fullfill in a day,as well as the capacity expansion possibility.Your packaging machine supplier will take good care of that.

We hope Packway will be one of your good partner to help you business quickly expend the cannabis market share with our efficient packaging solution. At Packway, our packaging expert will do everything we can helping you find the perfect solutions for your specific needs.

We are looking forward to automate your cannabis packaging with our optimal cannabis packaging solutions and exceptional service, potentially saving you good money on unnecessary labor costs.

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