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Packway Packaging machine
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Packway Machinery is an experienced packaging machine supplier with professional global service team.

Our products include vertical form fill seal packaging machines, rotary premade pouch packaging machines, Doypack machines, flow pack machines, multilane packaging machines and cartoning machines.

Packway packaging solutions

Reliable & cost efficient packaging machine

Packway is your reliable partner for packaging in various industry, from liquids to pastes and for powders, granule applications.

Packway packaging solutions are based on more than 10 years of experience . They are regarded as extremely reliable, precise and with high output rates. We pursue the longterm partner shipment and bring extra value to all our customers.

Packway has the solutions especially tailored to meet your needs.No matter you are looking for semi-automatic single machine,OR fully automatic packaging machine OR complete turnkey lines.

vffs packaging system


Versatility,flexibility. Used for all kind of film rolll bag, pillow bag/gusset bag/3 side sealing /4 side sealing bag etc
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High speed,Ideal solution for stick package in various bag style, back sealing, 3 side sealing,4 side sealing
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Popular packaging solution for film roll pillow bag,gusset bag package in bakery,candy,vegetable industry
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preformed bag filling machines


High speed,functionality. Used for all kind premade pouch packaging, flat pouch, zipper pouch etc
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powder horizontal premade pouch packing machine


Medium range speed,. Used for all kind premade pouch packaging, flat pouch, zipper pouch etc
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Compact,economical solution,Used for all kind of premade pouch, flat pouch,zipper pouch etc
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Packway team services

24/7 at your service
Quick respond & efficient support

Everyone is aware of the importance of after-sales service when it comes to packaging machinery.

It’s essential for customers to have a reliable packaging machine and production line that won’t break down unexpectedly. Packway has the expertise and commitment to provide our clients with efficient and timely after-sales care.

We view service as an ongoing partnership with our customers – not just as a one-off transaction. We strive to ensure that our clients’ packaging machines continue to perform optimally throughout their lifetime.

Here are few steps to guarantee machines were well built and able to achieve customers requirement performance, meanwhile running stable.

At PACKWAY,we will arrange the factory accept test (FAT) before delivery, by doing so , firstly customer can fully check if their packaging systems being installed properly and all machines dimension are no problem to be integrated with other machines.

We test the packaging system with our products, making sure that machine can meet all of the requirements before sending them to the customer’s production plant

All the testing video,parameter setting will be well recorded and send to customers,so that customer can easily follow the instruction and run the machines smoothly without troubles.

No customers can afford too much time dealy when packaging machine is down, It is very important that customers can get prompt respond and helpful technical support when they are in need.

At PACKWAY we have more than 10 experienced service and project team. They are able to give your intime support services of our packaging machine .We can assist you solve most issues remotely or online by video call

When the onsite service visit is urgently needed, we’ll be at your service to arrange a visit as quickly as possible.

At PACKWAY, We keep big quantity stock of spare parts and replacements for our packaging machines at our factory in order to offer a immediate response to customer spare part request,

Our service team will also give customer proposal to prepare some regular spare part to keep in their factory in case parts wear and tear and cause unexpected stoppages and machinery malfunction.

PACKWAY offer modest price for spare parts in term of reducing our customers’ total using cost.We believe that is a good way for longterm cooperation.

Installation and commissioning are the most critical part before putting packaging machine into real production trail,

our service technical support team will assist customers or they can heading to customers factory to offer the onsite installation and commissioning to the packaging system

We will offer very helpful information and guidance to customers to have comprehensive understanding about that, as like operation manual / electric scheme / video guidance

With PACKWAY TEAM assistance and your technician support, the packaging systems can be installed quickly and efficiently.

And PACKWAY is fully responsible to get your production up and running more quickly, we also ensure the optimal performance of the machines.

At PACKWAY we can offer our customers different maintenance plans in order to ensure that all necessary adjustments and corrections can be conducted in a timely manner.

This will be very helpful to minimises or prevents unexpected interruptions,finally to increases the stability and reliability of whole packaging systems and reduces costs by unnecessary packaging machine breakdown.

Please keep in mind to do regular check and replace easy wearout part in advanced.

Training to your packaging machine operator or factory technician is a necessary work though you will have full support from our service team

Our factory-trained technicians will give training to your staff to establish a solid understanding of how to keep your packaging machines operating efficiently.

With your trained staff and our service team, that is the efficient way to ensure your packaging production line running smoothly and deal with any machine breakdown at east

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