Packaging system configurations may differ from project to project

Mostly it is customized as per customers requirements, To offer you a initial quotation, we need at least some basic information: your bag style, pack weigh gram, product nature , packaging capacity required etc.

Of course, the more facts we know, the more accurate quotation will be.

We are not able to give you a certain answer, till you can confirm all necessary information about your requirement to on the packaging machine.

Basically if your products nature are similar and package style and bag size are not too big difference, you most probably can use ONLY ONE machine to handle them,

For example, let us suppoe that you are going to pack rice, sugar in pillow bag ,from 500-1000g on A vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging machine, that should be no problem to go with that one machine due to the following reasons.

Rice and sugar, they have quite similar nature(granule stype), for filling machine ,you can use either multihead weigher, or linear weigher, even cup filling machine

500 & 1000g, the weigh are not too big difference, the package bag size too, thus the VFFS packaging machine can make bag on the same machine ( VFFS machine structure decide it can not make out of range bag size)

Obviously if you have rice for 500g to 10kg package for pillow bag type of VFFS machine, you most probably can NOT use only ONE machine for all of them. (the bag size for 10kg definitely too much bag compared to 500g only)

Similarly on other type of packaging machine, such as rotary premade pouch packaging machine, above conclusion is applicable as well.

There is no best, only better. Fit is good

We’re not the right supplier for all customers, but if you care about the following, we’re the good choice for you.

1) Our sales team has a strong knowledge in the engineering and packaing machine industry, which can improve the efficiency of project communication, avoid mistakes, save your valuable time and make sure you will not buy the wrong machine

2)We have a strict standard on quality contorl, Machines will be conducted with factory acceptance test before shipment

3)Our after-sales service technical team has more than 10 years of experience, easily communicate in English, you no longer have to worry about machine downtime with our quick respond.

The speed of the machine is related with several factors. Please talk to our staff to get the analysis and learn how much speeds you can achieve with the preferred machine based on your specific production condition.

However please keep in mind that ,those speeds doesnt mean the actual speeds that every customer can achieve

As it not only depends on the machine you choose, also matter with the machine automation level. your product nature,, type of production,bag style, the extra configurations had been made on the machine, And matter with how skillfull your technician is too.

We have supplied more than 650 packaging system till date, our machine can be made in accordance with Europe & America quality standard, the critical components are adopting famous brand from Europe ,Japan and America. We are not intent to do one time business with quick money, we persuit creating value for our customer and win more cooperation from their success.

It is 12months upon machine arriving at customer factory, and customer can pay extra money to purchase related warranty extension if required.

The delivery time depends on how much customization needed to your machine, as well as the complexity and the orders we already have in production.

The delivery time of your machine will be impacted by two main reasons

1)The level of customization and complexity of your machine

For some regular standard machine, we have enough material and even ready machine in stock thus delivery in several days can happen, but most of the projects are not standard due to customer have their unique requirements on capacity,package style, available space of the factory, budget etc. In this case, the complexity and customization level decide how quick we can finish your orders,

2)Our production status

It is very fair that we arrange the manufacturing of the machines according to date of customer confirm the order and settle the downpayment. Once the payment is transfered,, the order is added to production, So if our production capacity already full, the later orders will be postponed correspondingly.

Installation and commissioning are critical before putting packaging machines into real production smoothly

At PACKWAY we will provide assist our customers in these ways

1)Arranging engineer onsite

2)Online technical support

3)Video and operation manual guidance

It may take from several days to one or two weeks ,that depends on the complexity of the packaging machine in your order, except for this, your necessary preparation for the installation and training also matter to the progress for it.

The preparation you staff have made before our engineer go on-site ,will make a big difference to how fast you staff can operate the packaging machine and how much training they can receives from the our engineers

This is one of the most frequent asked questions from first time buyer of packaging machine, please rest assure that as we will give your following support

1)Our packaging machine are come with friendly HMI, it is super easy to read and understand, with our tutorial video and operation manual , you will get familiar with our machine operation quickly.

2)We will send you good video and photo for recording necessary setting when we do the factory acceptance test on the packaging machine, all parameter setting will be well set on the machine as well,

3)Our ervice expert will give your informative guidance in timely manner and they are ready for online technical support whenever you need.

Need Support?

Whether you need technical support for packaway machine, want to request an onsite visit, or are interested in our new machines, we’re here to help!

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