You maybe suffering on how to choose suitable vegetable packaging solution, and  Eager to find a suitable vegetable packing machine.

This guide will help you get all information necessary for choosing the right vegetable packaging solution.Please finish reading to learn more.

Whats the best Packaging for Vegetable

There are many kinds of vegetables, and the packaging methods are usually different due to different vegetable characteristics and requirements. Each vegetable has its own suitable packaging method. When people buy vegetables, the most important thing is to keep them green and fresh. Here we will introduce the most common and popular packaging methods:

Which Machine I should choose to Get Start?

Leafy vegetables – bag packaging made of ordinary anti-fog film

Among all green vegetables, leafy vegetables account for the majority, such as lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, coriander, chives…

They vary in length, so the size of the bag to be packed varies greatly from one to other. In that case, a machine that can automatic detect leafy vegetable length is very important, and could save lots of extra work and downtime for adjust the machine and bag length.

Check leafy vegetable packing machine:

Anti-fog film: anti-fog film is a very wise choice when you choose packing film material, since leafy vegetable will be very easy to raise fog while it stay in closed bag

For long time. Considering the ventilation and breathability, many customers will prefer anti-fog film, and add hole punching device on the flow packing machine to punch holes in the bag. Breathable bags can avoid the leafy vegetables will got rot and then can prolong the preservation period.

The most popular Leafy vegetable packaging machine is model 450X,600X,700X;

The feeding conveyor has equipped with rolling balls to prevents the leaves from being damaged in the process of conveying vegetables, and to reduces the friction between the vegetables and the side wall, thereby to improve the packaging efficiency;

Design of grating electric eye: Considering the leaf vegetables is not regular shape, and with different length, the product sensor is a pair of opposite-beam gratings instead of ordinary single electric sensor, which can improve the sensitivity and accuracy of the machine to better identify vegetables, and then cutting and sealing the bag much accuracy.

Down paper flow packing machine is more suitable for leafy vegetables. The middle sealing mechanism is above the vegetables, when the leafy vegetables enter the bag maker, go through to the middle sealing extend to the end sealing. The film below the wet vegetable can perfect protects the machine to get wet, specially the middle sealing mechanism, effectively prolong its service life;

End-seal with drag chain design: prevent the leaves from being clamped, and ensure that all the vegetables can be packaged, sealed and cut smoothly;

Melons and fruits Type Vegetable – anti-fog bags or preservative film

For relatively slender melons and fruits,like loofah, bitter gourd, and cucumber, can also be packed in ordinary anti-fog film bags, In this this case, can use similar machine like leafy vegetable packing machine.

But if it is big round ones like cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, you can consider wrapping by preservative film.

Check Semi-automatic Preservative film packing machine

If your production capacity is not particularly large, it is recommended to consider a semi-automatic preservative film packaging machine, because the price of automatic one will be very high cost, and there are relatively few professional manufacturers currently; Semi-automatic preservative film wrapping machine can ensure lower input costs.

Small vegetables / small fruits and vegetables – with plastic tray then into the bag

There are also some tiny leafy vegetables, such as bean sprouts, Dutch beans, small peppers, etc., and small sage fruits, etc., Those small vegetables are not able to handle by general leafy vegetable, also not good to do with preservative film.

This type of vegetable can be considered first packed into plastic tray, and then packed into plastic bag. It’ll be more convenient during packing process also easier for end customer to carry and use.

Check small vegetable/fruit with plastic tray and then into bags.

Features for Small vegetable packaging machine with Plastic Tray

Feeding conveyor generally using pusher style conveyor, because the plastic tray is more regular in shape, with a pusher, can effectively assist to speed up conveying process, then can greatly improve the packaging efficiency.

The Flow Packing Machine generally adopt up paper machine, means the packing film will install on above of the main machine, in this way can ensure the longitudinal seal will be at the bottom of the plastic tray, to complete perfect packaging bag effect;.

Can I use one machine to Pack all kinds of Vegetable?

The answer is no.

If you already check above project video, you already understand “Different vegetables will has different packaging style, it determine the machine design will need to focus on different point. We do not recommend using ONE machine for all vegetables.

If you are starting your business with low budget. We strongly recommend you to choose one of the categories and start trying to open the local market step by step. Later on, you can add vegetable categories and new equipment when your business grows. This will not only reduce the risk of investment, but also make your business professional and simple.

What Speed Of The Vegetable Packaging Machine

Automatic machines will definitely faster than semi-automatic ones,  The level of automation will decide machine speed. It also related to your vegetable features. The one with plastic tray with regular shape, can also run faster.

 What Material for The Vegetable Packing Machine

Most cases, customer would prefer stainless steel as constructing material, no matter for the body frame of the machine. Because it has higher durability and stronger resistance ability against corrosion, wet environment, different temperature, and to withstand other harsh environmental changes.

To know more details, contact our professional engineer to find a suitable solution!

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