What will be your best Pet Food Packaging Machine?

Pets actually some of the best friends of people, therefore they deserve the best pet treats. Your pet treats deserves the greatest and most flexible packaging solution.

In that case you can Protect the flavor and aroma to allows your brand stands out in the crowded pet treat supply market.

Whether you want to pack your pet food into generally package bag, or out-standing unique one.Packway will ensure your get top-quality dog/pet treat packaging solutions.

We have variety of pet food packaging solutions can be chosen, and we can be the fastest response supplier and most reliable partner in the industry.

What’s the best package bag for your pet/dog treats?

Check below several packaging Types to see your best option for your Pet treat.

Pillow Bag/Back Sealing Bag

It’s small, simple, economical packaging, it’s very easy to use one. Suitable for pet treat samples or best single servings during outside trips.  

Gusset Bag

Clean and fashion design, with big volume capacity, can be much better to strengthen your pet food brand image.

 Best of all, it can be handle with same machine as pillow bag, just need to add gusset bag device.

Flat Bottom Bag

Elegant and classy look, with great shelf stability. With quad seals and gusseted designed, it offer much stronger structure and bigger filling volume. It make them even better choice for your pet food products.  

Pre-made Stand up Pouch

With more market friendly features like zipper, valves, hanging holes, keep your product standing tall, the pre-made stand up pouch takes your brand to the next level.

What Packaging Machine can be chosen for Your pet food & treats?

VFFS- Vertical Type Pet Treat Packaging Machine

The VFFS Packing machine can be suitable for Pillow bag, Gusset Bag, and Block Bottom Bag.

One Vertical Type Pet Treat Packaging machine can make not just one single bag style. It can also flexible to upgrade as more compatible one. Means it can upgrade to make 2 different types of bags, pillow bag and gusset bag. Or upgrade to make 3 packaging bag style in same machine.

But the more compatible bag style you need, the more things need to be custom-made on the main machine. For best invest-output ratio consideration. Most customer will prefer one machine for one bag style. They can change bag size by replacing the bag shoulder.

Stand Up Pouch Pet Food Packaging Machine  

The stand up pouch pet food packaging machine can be suitable to handle different types of pre-form bag, like stand up pouch, zipper pouch, side sealing pouch.

How our custom-made packaging solution Process Works?

1.Fixed your ideal bag style

Do some research on your market and find out the most popular items and analysis the packaging style. See which will be your best option to get start.

2.Forecast your daily output

Evaluating your selling channel, and forecast your daily output in near 1~3 years. Share the information with your potential pet treat suppliers.

3.Get solution plan and Quote

Inform us about your ideal bag style, size,and the output plan, then we’d give you an instant solution, detailed offer together with technical data. Simple, Fast and for free! Start to get a quote now.

Start a new project

If you have not much idea, and just want to start a new business, and want us to recommend you a right start up solution. Then let’s create it together. We’ll help you get there step by step. 

1.Share your Machine Picture/Video

If you already have machine in use, send us picture or current machine working video that works for you. Our professional sale engineering team will help to evaluate an upgrade solution. Share your picture/video.

You may want to know what customers and what projects we’ve did before, Check our customer cases.

2.Approve the solution

Once you’ve finished confirming all technical detailed from our sale engineer, decide to move on and get the machine, submit your order to approve the solution.

3.Production and delivery

Production time and delivery might be one of the hardest part, because we have to start from raw material preparing, machine assembling, testing to ensure each part of the machine is perfect before sending to you. We believe you’d love how the machine make your finished product look.

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