As we all know, there are five flavors for life, sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

Sugar, also equals to sweetness, is definitely one of the most indispensable flavors in our lives. White sugar has been widely used as one of the most popular raw material during food production process, also a dispensable companion for coffee. 

There are 7 things you must consider before getting a perfect sugar packing machine.

The Feature of sugar

There are variety of sugar we commonly see in reality life, some of them comes with small grain type, and some are forming as small square sugar cube. But the most common use  sugar in any countries has similar feature

1. Small and Uniform Granular

2.Widely use in people’s daily lives, in great production demands

3.Generally require very fast speed;

4.Have Variety of packaging

Whats the most popular packaging style?

1.4~10g Small Sugar Sachet and Stick

The small long sugar stick and small square sugar sachet is very popular. Many hotels/restaurants prefer to serve customers this type of small volume sugar stick/sachets. And as you can see grain sugar stick/sachet always comes with coffee as essential companion.  

Back seal type stick pack sugar

Four side sealing sachet sugar pack

500g~1kg, 1kg~5kg sugar bag (pillow Bag)

We usually use five hundred grams of bags for cooking or boiling water. For pastries, biscuits, or other manufacturers, it is a large bag type.Different white sugar packaging, the corresponding white sugar packaging machine is also very different.

* 500g~1kg, 1kg~5kg sugar pouch(Premade Pouch)

Sugar in pre-made pouch can also be found in market, its application is relatively less common. This type of pre-made bag sugar is generally suitable for higher-class sugar related products, like organic sugar used by high-end consumer groups.

What’s the best packing material for your future sugar packaging machine

There are so many types of sugar packing machines. You can also prefer to produce with different packaging materials, here I would like to introduce you one of the most popular packaging materials.

Composite film, suitable for different type of sugar packaging machine. Not just for 4~10g small sugar stick bags, sachets, also perfect option for 500g~1kg larger packing bag. What’s the advantages of composite film:

Less Cost: Composite film sugar packing machine is more cost-effective than LLDPE single-layer film machine. Could be 10~30% less cost on the equipment.

Higher Speed: Composite film packing machine will equip with temperature controller to control sealing temperature, The speed for composite film packing machine can be 5~10bags per min higher than that of the LLDPE packaging machine;

More stable and better sealing effect than LLDPE film packing machine.

Study and decide a favorite packaging bag from your local market.

You need to do some research on your Local Market and find out what’s your local customers’ favorite package.   

Stick bags, sachet, bigger pouch, paper bag , premade stand-up pouch? You can’t make them all, specially when you are starting new business. Unless you’ll face high funding pressure, because each package will need different type of machine to handle.

For example,

Sachet/Stick packaging machine is suitable for just sachet packaging, with very small dosing volume.

Bigger Pillow Pouch 500g~1kg bag will need to use VFFS Vertical Form fill seal machine, with middle dosing volume.

And Preform Pouch needs rotary premade bag packing machine.

preformed bag filling machines

That’s why you should do research first and choose one of above package style to get started.

Figure Out Your Output Plan

You may be thinking about expanding your production capacity, or starting a new business, you should fully consider where your potential customers will come from, what’s your main sales channels. Figure out probably needs per day, or per month. Then knowing how much production capacity will work for you.

If your daily production volume will be large, then whether you are doing small sachets/sticks or larger pouch pack, do inform your machinery supplier about your requirement of production capacity;

For example, a multi-lane packing machine for a small sachet/stick bag can customize from single lane, to 4 lanes, 6 lanes, 8 lanes, 10 lanes or more base on your production need. Generally, speed of each lane can be 10~40bags per min, so you could calculate about how many lanes you’ll need;

VFFS Packing machine for bigger pouch are also available in regular and high-speed versions:

The general speed models of Vertical machine can do 10~40 packs per minute, it may also be affected by the unit weight, packaging materials etc;

The high-speed model could be twice its speed of the ordinary model, reaching 40~70 packs per minute; it also depends on your bag capacity and packaging size and material;

Similarly, then Premade Bag Packing Machine also have different model can be chosen according to your different speed requirements.

Therefore, be sure to communicate with your supplier about your daily capacity expectations and your approximate budget, which is key factor to find a suitable sugar packaging machine.

Don‘t forget Supporting equipment to complete a whole sugar packing line

After confirming a suitable main packer, you still have more work to do to complete a fully automatic sugar packaging line.

You should have an automatic stable feeding system to continuously feeding material to avoid unnecessary downtime. Z-type elevator is a good option for sugar

After the finished product output, there should be a finished product conveyor and a rotary collect table to collect the finished bags.  

Also, make sure you understand if your equipment needs any air supply for operation. If yes, an air compressor and air tank will be necessary.  

Packway has rich projects experience, we can make perfect match base on your production needs and provide you a complete packaging line accordingly.

Choose a Suitable Printer

Almost all sugar package you could find in the market has production date, experied date, lot number printing onto the bag. Therefore, having a good performance printer is a must.

Sugar packing machine generally will equip with a standard printer ______ Ribbon Code Printer

It can print 3 line 45 words in total

If you have more content need to print, like company name, logo, bar code …etc. There are some more advance option.

TTO (Thermal-transfer-overprinting) will be quite a good option printer.

You can print more complicated content, include company logo and bar code, it allow you edit information on the computer with whatever you need to print, and then import into the printer for printing.


If you already fully understand above 7 suggestions before buying a sugar packaging machine, it is not difficult to find a suitable packaging machine.

Still have questions, contact Packway, our sales engineers will give you more professional advice.

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